Sunday, 27 August 2017

This is what i have of my book so far.

Hi this is my story about fail. We all fail how we go about it is what makes the difference. If we say we will never do it again because we failed we will never learn. But if we say oh well better luck next time and have a good attached we will learn and get better. On my classroom wall we have a sigh it says FAIL First Attempt In Learning, and it is so right. So when you read this book i will teach you about the word FAIL, FIXED MINDSET and GROWTH MINDSET.
Let's start with growth mindset. If you have a growth mindset you like to try new things, so you can get better at them lern more and make life easier for you in the long run.

Bye having a growth mindset you learn better easier and faster. It is better to have a growth mindset then a fixed one. With a growth mindset your brain gets bigger and stronger with each little thing you do. If you are open to new ideas doing and learning new things you have a growth mindset and that will make you a nicer stronger happier  healthier person. Now onto fixed mindset.


Hi, my name’s Georgia and today my topic is have you heard. Have you heard that on the 6 of July 2017 a Mexican mayor married a crocodile.  Don’t worry though, it’s not a real wedding.
The marriage is part of an ancient Mexican ceremony which is more than 200 years old
any way.The mayor of the southern Mexican fishing town San Pedro Huamelula ‘marries’
a crocodile at the end of June as part of the local harvest tradition.The reptile bride, dressed in white with a flower crown on its head is taken around the town to music before the ceremony happens.The crocodile is known as a princess, and the traditional belief is that it will bring peace to their community, particularly a good harvest. Have you heard Researchers in Australia have
found out people who eat yeast-based spreads are likely to experience less stress.The new research out of the University of Victoria suggests it could be linked to levels of vitamin B.That is good news for fans of Vegemite and Marmite.The study is with around 500 people from across Australia and New Zealand. They were asked if they eat yeast-based spreads, how often they eat it and which spreads they eat.While the research can’t directly link the consumption of yeast-based spreads to a happier, healthy life, scientists are planning to continue further research to knuckle down how Vegemite or Marmite can make  you happier WOW !!! Have you heard that i am done. Thank you

Thursday, 27 July 2017


In Kotuku and Kotare we have been learning about injustice, we got to chose a topic to learn about out of sweatshops, jews, american slaves, woman voting, parihaka, aboriginals, and apartheid. I chose sweatshops and had to do lots of research because I started not knowing what a sweatshop was. And between now and last term, I have learnt a lot about  all of the topics because we go to see all of the presentations that other had made. My favourite fact was that a girl made a dress for 60c, and another girl brought it for  $50. It made me see that we are a lot better off than kids in other places. We don't have to work and we have great food lots of land and good homes that keep us warm and dry.
by Georgia Beasley